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The following list is a summary of equipment needs for each of our leagues.  There are mandatory items that are needed, optional items that are a suggestion and a listing of equipment that we have available to use if needed.  For the items that available for shared use, MYAA keeps a supply of equipment at the fields for shared use.  These are basic items for those that need them. 
For bats:  If purchasing a bat, we recommend you speak to a department rep at the local sports stores when purchasing for guidance.  All  baseball bats must have the USA Baseball stamp.

For anyone that is having financial difficulty obtaining equipment, please contact us.  We often have donated equipment at the building or can help figure something out for you and your child!

Tee Ball
Mandatory - Baseball Glove
Recommended - Helmet
Optional - Bat, Cleats (many players wear sneakers), baseball pants (many players wear joggers)
Available for shared use - Helmets, bat
MYAA Provides - Game jersey, hat, baseballs, tee

Bantam Baseball
Mandatory - Baseball Glove
Recommended - Baseball pants, cleats (non-metal) (sneakers permissible), bat
Available for shared use - Helmets, bat, catchers gear
MYAA Provides - Game jersey, hat, baseballs

Minor and Major League Baseball
Mandatory - Baseball Glove, cleats (non-metal), baseball pants
Recommended - Bat and helmet (highly recommended, most prefer their own at this level), protective cup (required for catchers)
Available for shared use - Helmet, catchers gear
MYAA Provides - Game jersey, hat, baseballs

Junior League
Mandatory - Baseball glove, cleats (metal allowed), baseball pants, bat
Recommended - Helmet (limited supply at fields), protective cup (required for catchers)
MYAA Provides - Game jersey, hat, baseballs

Adaptive  League
Mandatory - Baseball glove
Optional - cleats (non-metal, sneakers are more than adequate), bat, baseball pants (joggers are adequate)
MYAA Provides - Game jersey, hat, baseballsent...
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